Fledgling Review: The Sand Dog by Sarah Lean


Azi feels lonely on the small Mediterranean island where he lives. He misses Grandfather and doesn’t know where he is. Then, a sandy dog comes and aids in his attempts to find him.
They uncover secrets about their past. They then meet Beth Saunders, a girl on holiday who is interested in Azi’s life, and they travel around the Mediterranean to try and find the truth. They might find Grandfather but might lose the sand dog forever...

A great book, especially for big fiction readers, full of emotion and excitement. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to other readers!
If you enjoy books by Kim Slater and Susan Nielsen, then you’ll love this book. This book is great for animal lovers and you’ll be engulfed from the first page!

Review by Oliver
The Sand Dog is published on the 31st May

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