Fledgling Review: A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison


“I would totally recommend this book for people who enjoy magic, mystery and time travel.”


Once upon a time on Crowstone island, Betty Widdershins was celebrating her birthday on hallowe’en night. Her plan to become ‘Betty the brave’ was about to be put into action. But when her plan goes wrong she discovers a sinister curse that has brought many of her ancestors and even her mother, Clarissa to their death. Betty, her dreams destroyed, sets out with her two sisters, Fliss and Charlie, to find a way to break the curse. They have only three objects with gifts bestowed upon each one by a mysterious ancestor who, in an attempt to get revenge on her disloyal sister, cursed the Widdershins forever. Will Betty, Fliss and Charlie save the Widdershins?

Review by Sine

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