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Children's Books Lots by Nicola Davies

Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth

Nicola DaviesEmily Sutton £12.99 £2 off 

There are living things everywhere: the more we look, the more we find. There are creatures on the tops of the tallest jungle trees, at the bottom of the coldest oceans, even under the feathers of birds and in boiling volcanic pools. So how many different kinds are there? One, two, three … lots!

With beautiful words from Nicola Davies and exquisite illustrations by Emily Sutton, this groundbreaking book is certain to enchant and inspire children.

This stylish new non-fiction picture book introduces young readers to the wonderful world of ecology and conservation in an exciting and approachable way.

The book directs younger readers to the amazing diversity of life on our earth in all its forms, from giant whales to the tiniest micro-organisms, presented through rich and colourful illustrations that are engaging and entertaining, lots here to see and discover.

Lots is the kind of book  that can awaken every child’s inner scientist and conservationist; not surprising since the author is a zoologist, BBC science writer and award-winning author of many outstanding books for children, including some of my favourites: Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes and A First Book of Nature. Highly recommended for ages 4 and up.