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Fledgling review: Me and Mr P by Maria Farrar

Football crazy boy, Arthur, has an annoying little brother called Liam.
He wishes he had a ordinary brother but no, he's ended up with Liam.  But to make Arthur's life even more crazy, a chocolate ice cream loving POLAR BEAR ends up on his doorstep! The funniest football photo competition is almost upon them, Arthur wishes he could enter…

From ladders to topsy turvy words, Maria Farrer decorates her writing like a drawing.  I think this book is funny and entertaining so if you like Polar Bears, chocolate ice cream and football this is the book for you.

Review by Sine

Fledgling Review: The Liszts by Kyo Maclear and Julia Sarda

This picture book for older children captured me as soon as I started reading.  With the memorable characters and the beautifully dark and mysterious illustrations, this book is perfect for anyone looking for a more unusual read.  The witty puns make it not too humourless that you’d get bored, yet not so slapstick you get fed up and want to be taken seriously.  A great read!

In this story a family of six, or seven if you count the cat, live together with an unusual hobby of making lists.  From ghastly illnesses to fun stuff to do, each member of the family has their own thing to list – apart from the cat, he copies Grandpa and lists his worst enemies and greatest admirers.  One day an unexpected visitor comes because the door was open and tries to greet the Liszts, but he is not on the list so they dismiss him until he meets the middle child Edward.

Kyo Maclear has written a beautiful story, made even more beautiful by illustrator Júlia Sardà, whose use of colour has made it intriguingly mysterious.  This book is a must-have book to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.  What’s more, it’s sitting right in front of you, so why don’t you buy it now?

Review by Edie